When I went in to get my lunch the other day, a lot a activity was taking place in the corner of the restaurant. Cameras, make up artists, computers, and a great big banner. Now, I have never heard of Twilla, but apparently she hosts an almost middle of the night talk show on a local TV station. This week she was using the reading corner of this restaurant as her set. Here's a link to her home page Twilla Talk TV if you're interested.


Jacob said…
I wonder why she was using the restaurant as the background for her program? I've never heard of Twilla, either, but it seems to me we have more than enough "talk" shows these days!
Virginia said…
Don't you just love all the neat folks you meet when you have a blog??? :)
bfarr said…
Jacob, at least she is on when I'm sleeping. Virginia, yes, the blogoshere is an interesting way to meet people with common interests.
Paula said…
Is that the restaurant your sons work in? Pretty cool to run up on that scene. Twilla?

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