Clock Tower - Lee County Courthouse

Opelika is the county seat of Lee County and about 17 miles from where I live. Before we moved here, someone (I don't know who) had the great idea to change all the street names in the rural part of the county to Lee Road followed by a number, for example 111 Lee Road 280.
Long-time residents still refer to the roads/streets by their original names. Us newcomers use the number system. What we all need is map to let us all know that Lee Road 212 is also called Barrow Road. Let me tell you, this can get really confusing. So remember, if you are ever in Lee County, AL and ask for directions to Lee Road, be prepared for them to ask you "Which one?


Jacob said…
I'm impressed! This is a beautiful building, tower and clock! And a superb photo, Barb!

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