National Infantry Museum

Iron Mike at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center
Fort Benning, Ga
You enter the museum exhibits by walking 100 yards through time and into the Fort Benning Gallery. Once you make your way downstairs, you can view the following exhibits:

Hall of Honor
The Sole Superpower
The Cold War
A World Power
Securing Our Freedoms (not yet open to the public)
Defining the Nation (not yet open to the public)
The International Stage

A section devoted to the sacrifices of family is also on this level. You can dress in military 'costume' for family photo ops. Kids of all ages will love this : ) Also, at the museum you will find a gift shop, Omni theatre, and Fife and Drum Restaurant. Enjoy your visit. For other photos of the museum click here and here.


Jacob said…
We've driven by Ft. Benning (almost into it accidentally) but one of these days we'll have to stop and take a closer look.
Rambling Round said…
Sounds very interesting. I've never been to Ft. Benning.
Hilda said…
Fantastic composition!
cieldequimper said…
Very nice shot. Statues like these always make me wonder how they do/did it with the chance that they would be killed within a few metres...
Paula said…
It's hard not to feel patriotic in these kinds of museums. I'm sure they've done a fabulous job.

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