This is Woodstock

And this is his favorite ball. Ferrets are fond of anything rubber. They will steal to have it. They will hide it in places undisclosed. If you want it returned, you must search, and search, and search. Keep in mind, if you find that which you were looking for and return it to its proper place, as soon as possible it will be pilfered a second (or third time) and placed in the preferred hiding place. In this paraticular case, Woodstock likes to hide the ball in the dresser drawer.


Jacob said…
Is this your little ferret? What a cutie! I'll bet he gives you a run for your money, though.
I always think ferrets have a bad rap and I do think that they are quite cute. Woodstock is cute even with his rubber fixation.
bfarr said…
Jacob and Leeds, he does give a run for our money. Ferrets are quite entertaining and high energy. We have a great time with him and new companion Chica.
Hilda said…
Hello, Woodstock!
Oh, Barbara! He's adorable! Does he allow himself to be cuddled?
bfarr said…
Hilda, not too much. He is about a year old and prefers to run around. We do get the occasional hug or maybe even a kiss tho.
Paula said…
I ♥ Woodstock. I wish I could have one of every furry creature. They can be so entertaining!

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