At the Gas Station

Gas prices must have been dropping again because the local station was busting at the seams with customers waiting to purchase gas. While I was waiting, I captured the car behind me and the gas guage on my car.
Whew, I dogdged that bullet. It was getting close.


Jacob said…
Are you one of those people who always think they have enough gas to get where they're going even when the needle drops into the red zone?

Nice series of shots, Barb!
Rob said…
I remember back when gas was leaded and without alcohol, we had to keep the gas tank to 1/2 full during winter. Otherwise the gas lines would freeze up and we'd need a tow.
bfarr said…
Jacob, no this was exception to the rule. I usually fill up at the 1/4 tank mark.

Rob, I remember when you could fill your 20 gallon tank for $10.

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