Bird Island

Bird Island, Chattahoochee River just below City Mills Dam.
The Blue Heron nest in these trees year round. At meal-times they fly a short distance down river, just below the dam at the Eagle-Phenix mill for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's fun to watch them standing on the rocks fishing. Also, you can see how the flood waters have eroded the island. Let's hope those tree roots are good and strong. We wouldn't want the Heron to fly away.


Rambling Round said…
That's a lot of herons. Usually, we just see one or two at a time around here and not that often.
cieldequimper said…
That's a lovely photo, what a contrast with the building yesterday!
Jacob said…
Very interesting post! I didn't know herons nested up in trees...I guess I should have, though. I wonder if someone told me and I didn't have my "heron" aids on? :-)
We have trees like that. Aren't they amazing? They make me think of busy apartment buildings with gossip and chatter.
bfarr said…
Hot weather warning: This part of the riverwalk does not smell very appealing during the dog days of summer.

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