Happy Birthday PCADP

Phenix City [Alabama] Daily Photo is one year old today. This collage of our first year is of the photos that generated the largest numbers of comments, for which I thank you all.
When you start a project like this you don't completely realize the commitment. Sometimes inspiration 'just happens' and other times you have to go in search of it. I have seen an improvement in my photography and in part it comes from your kind comments and suggestions.
Get Ready, Year Two.
I hope you continue to join me on my photograhic journey.


Virginia said…
Well I'm thrilled to be the first to wish you and your blog a very happy birthday! Here's to many more wonderful photos and posts. Now, would you pass me a nice big piece of that cake???
Hilda said…
Happy blog birthday, Barb! Congratulations! But more than that, thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of your city with us. I will definitely be around for your second year and, God willing, many more years after that.
Mo said…
Congrats! Keep up the good work.
Rambling Round said…
Happy first birthday! I enjoy looking at your blog.
cieldequimper said…
Happy birthday to youuuuu! ;-)
bfarr said…
Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I too, look forward to many more years of photography and blogging.
Paula said…
Yay!!! Happy Blogaversary!! You always have such wonderful photos and back stories and I've really enjoyed getting to know you, Barbara. Congratulations.

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