Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Bags are Packed . . .

. . . I'm ready to go . . . This is actually a shot of our destination and not our departure. We are heading to MN for a 'family thing'. You can just make out the MPLS skyline through the haze in the background.
Can you just feel the excitement? The jetway connection is almost complete. The airline hosts and hostesses are preparing for our arrival. The pilot is completing his pre-flight checks. We are a go. At least until we are all boarded and buckled in and the announcement regarding bad weather in our destination airport has us sitting on the tarmack for 6 hours. Have you noticed that we have an awful lot of 'bad weather' these days.


Jacob said...

You're going to Minnesota now? Are you crazy?

Just kidding.

Have a wonderful trip! Minneapolis is our ol' hometown, more or less. Lois Anne was born and raised in St. Louis Park, until I took her away to warmer climes!

Paula said...

Oooooh Noooooz! That's terrible! I'll bet you hated every single person on that plane by the time it was over. Hope you had a great time otherwise.

wv bonvenon
Bon Venon Barbara!

Paula said...

I've always wanted to go to Cheaha for the fall leaves. Everyone says it's gorgeous. I came back to leave this link for you: ferret's gone, well, far enough. If you haven't been to Cute Overload before do a search for ferrets. There are videos that are so funny you'll think your head will splode. Seriously.

bfarr said...

Jacob, yes, we must be crazy. It's 7 degrees outside, but no wind.

Paula, thanks for the link. I will check it out.