Pop a Top

I'm not sure why I'm attracted to this little bar, maybe it's because it looks like an establishment you might find near a camp ground at any number of lakes in Minnesota (back in the day). At night, after the kids were all snug in their sleeping bags (LOL), moms and dads would go for a couple of beers and listen to the juke box. Maybe shoot some pool. These little joints sold everything from penny candy to bait and if you were under 21 the only thing you couldn't buy was beer and cigarettes (although we tried). We were occasionally successful when it came to the "smokes". It appears that Brady Pates is the proprietor of the Pop a Top Bar and the names of his family are also proudly included on the sign: Louise, Vicki, and Nickey. 
Nostalgia is a strong thing.


Jacob said…
It doth look like a quaint memory of good times past. And I can relate to your comments about little Minnesota bars (same as in Wisconsin!) ...
Rob said…
Wow, and looks well maintained. Sad to say there aren't many of these places left.
Paula said…
I'll bet there are some good ole boys holding down that fort. I love the name.
Cute! I love it. Colorful little thing. No corporate rules here.

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