The Secret Garden

Walled garden at the back of the Rankin House.
The fountain was not working this day, but I can imagine how relaxing the sound of the water on a warm summer day. A parasol in one had and a sweet tea in the other.
Now in case you are not aware, sweet tea is a cultural icon of the south. For those of you confused by the difference between sweet tea and sweet tea, I will take a moment to explain.
With sweet tea, suger is added (a lot of suger, enough to make your teeth hurt) while the water is hot which allows the sugar to dissolve completely.
Sweet tea on the other hand, is tea in which the sugar is added after the tea has cooled, usually by the one that is drinking it. The sugar does not dissolve completely and if just does not taste the same.
When you ask for sweet tea in the south, they ask you what size. When you ask for sweet tea in the north, they tell you the sugar is on the table. 
Happy Sunday.     


Jacob said…
A beautiful spot. Thanks, too, for the sweet tea lesson. I had not known that. Although I rarely drink tea, I shall remember to order good ol' southern sweet tea when I visit Alabama. :-)
Hilda said…
Lovely garden! And thanks for the explanation about sweet tea. :)

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