Snow Emergency Route

Coming home from work today I found this sign that a neighbor put up in his front yard. He must be a displaced Yankee ;  ) Now, the amount of snow in this photo hardly constitutes an emergency in Minnesota, but in my little corner of Alabama a little snow goes a long way. It's been snowing for five hours now and we have considerably more of the white stuff on the ground than when this shot was taken.


Jacob said…
This sign is funny! I can't see any "emergency" here! I've lived in Minnesota, too, and know what a real snow emergency is like!
Jacob said…
Hope your cold weather is abating's only 45 degrees here at noon with a high forecasted of 55, but down to 29 tonight. Some of our palm trees have bit the dust! Ugh!
D said…
That's funny. I'm sure we're the silliest bunch ever over snow. We cancelled school for a dusting that didn't cause hazardous driving conditions! Oh well, it was fun anyway!

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