The Snow is Almost Gone

This is the river-facing side of the building where I work. We have buildings all over Columbus, but the Campus is where all the bigwigs are. This shot was taken shortly after the snow started falling and it wasn't sticking to the ground yet. Unfortunately, I did not get any wonderful 'snow' shots as I have been working alternate hours and I was on my way home to go to bed. By the time I woke up this morning, the snow had begun to melt. I believe it got near the 50s today. I might have a shot in the camera for tomorrow.


Jacob said…
Very nice looking building and I like the shot a can see the snow melting (more or less)!

Does this mean you are one of the "bigwigs"?
Hilda said…
I like the building and the path. The falling snow is very pretty but it does look cold and wet. Please be careful you don't slip!
bfarr said…
Jacob, actually, no I am not one of the bigwigs. I like being one of the little people. I go to work each day and do my job and leave the worries to the others.

Hilda, it did get icier that day but I was all snug as a bug in a rug at home by then.

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