Monday, February 1, 2010

Theme Day - Wood

I have posted this natural sculpture before, but I continue to be intrigued by nature's design.
The rock having been lifted into the tree by flood waters. How long has that rock been there?
I think it looks like a woman. Is she weeping?
Is she a young girl playing hide-n-seek? 
Is she birthing an alien being (think Aliens) from her chest?
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Jacob said...

I see two wooden figures trying to connect and dance but this huge rock keeps coming between them, frustrating them forever...

That is some natural sculpture. Just beautiful, Barb!

Julie said...

very interesting photo. and your questions were great. happy theme day. good eye for finding this image.

Hilda said...

Such beautiful textures in this photo, Barb! Both from the wood and the stone. And their contrast with the bright green leaves is wonderful too!

Joan said...

Lovely - and what a treat the fresh green is right now.

Jacob said...

Well, it seems I can't comment on your collage I'm doing it here.

Always a pleasure to hop over to your blog, Mrs. Farr! Congratulations on 365 days of posting! You've done very well and I shall look forward to another 365 days of your beautiful photos!

Paula said...

I love this B, it's just stupendously gorgeous!