Tulips From Home Depot

I had to run to HD today to pick up an outside gutter corner. While I was there, my eyes landed on these Tulips. If I had to pick a spring flower as my favorite, these would win the contest. With Georgia O'Keefe as my inspiration, I present to you " Striped Tulips"


Rob said…
Sure is pretty. soon we'll see tulips pop up through a late snow.
Jacob said…
Nicely done, Barb.
Rambling Round said…
So pretty! If I didn't have to replant them every year or so, I'd have some in my yard. I believe their bulbs would have survived this cold winter though.
Georgia would be proud!!! I got it right away from the CDP portal. Drew me in like the rabbit hole and Alice!


Paula said…
That just warms me up, the red and the yellow melting into one another.

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