A Beautiful Day in the Valley

A piece of the dredging equipment at the marina. I imagine with all the high water, rain, and runoff in the last few months is important in keeping the channel open to the lake. I wonder how much the operator gets paid. My husband need a retirement job. 


Jacob said…
What is a "retirement job?" No, never mind. Don't let Lois Anne hear you use that term!

Just kidding.

Nice shot, Barb. I really like this body of water. And your photo is crisp, colorful and very interesting.
Hilda said…
I've never seen anything dredged or the equipment they use.

Lovely place. And the location of that house is fantastic!

Good luck to your husband. I think I'd have a hard time when I have to retire. Maybe I'll just take up carpentry…
Wonder if it is a safe job.

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