Monday, March 15, 2010

Blonde Voyage

Taken 2/24/2010
Another shot from the airport/archives. It continues to rain in and around the Phenix City area.
I wonder if the gloom is ever going to lift?

Post post comments: I did a search on Blonde Voyage and this is the first couple of hits:
Blonde Voyage
Lord Byron
Voyage of the HMS Blonde
Then I searched on Carolina Blonde and this was the result: Carolina Beer 


Jacob said...

Oh, I like this. Nice work. Photoshop?

Paula said...

We've had some great weather the last few days but I'll be honest, this winter has been rough. I can't wait for good Spring weather. I've never heard of Blonde Voyage, is it a video game?

Jacob said...

Hi Barb - re your comment on Ocala DP ... no you won't find that glass horse head here ... that was at a shop called The Paddock Room in downtown Ocala...

uncertainhorizon said...

Very interesting photo! Love the photoshopping!