Cutie Patootie at the Local Micky D's

We don't eat at McDonald's often. In fact, we don't eat out much at all. It's easier to buy groceries and cook good food at home. However, sometimes I just have to have a Hamburger Happy Meal. I get the Happy Meal because I like the toys. And I like the taste of the burger with the reconstituted onions. I also like the french fries. Did you know that the fries are coated in sugar? That's why they taste so good. And finally, I have to admit that I like the ICE CREAM cones. During the summer we head over once a week for a cone. Bon appetit. 


Jacob said…
That's adorable! And this is a superb treatment of the photo!

I also want to visit the Trading Post asap!
Paula said…
I did my share of Happy Meals, now, whenever I go I eat, I enjoy, and then I feel guilty for the trash I've generated. I have to stop doing that, the trash guilt thing.

wv wargate
From floop to wargate in one post.
wsxwhx694 said…
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