Go Air Force

Somehow they managed to get the best seat in the house.


Jacob said…
Wow, the way that thing is leaning they're probably hanging on by a wing and a prayer!

I love this shot! i work around aeroplanes, and we are taught to pretty much treat them as fragile... so it always makes me smile to see them climbed or anything of the sort.
Rambling Round said…
Well, I've yet to see an air show, but I'm sure they are breathtaking.
cieldequimper said…
Lol! All the series is great, I loved the collage but this is my favourite!
bfarr said…
Jacob, I wish I had said that!

uncertainhorizon, I too was under the impression that the 'skin' of the plane was fragile.

Rambling, it was my first time too.

ciel, welcome back. I look forward to your photos of pacific northwest.

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