Sunday, March 21, 2010

Propellers at the Air Show

At the Air Show 3/20/2010.
Good thing we went yesterday, because it's raining today. They did say the show would go on rain or shine. I prefer the shine. TOM might have preferred rain as his face got sunburn. I tried to get him to use sunblock, but he was being macho and look where that got him; blisters across the bridge of his nose. Maybe I should use it for the April theme day photo: Red. LOL.


Jacob said...

What a great mosaic, Barb. Boy, talk about flying right into one's face! Super job! And so colorful! Glad you had a good time...well, except for the sunburn!

Bill said...

Nice mosaic.

Hilda said...

Poor Tom, but LOL at the idea for theme day!

Fun and fantastic collection of airplane noses! ;)

uncertainhorizon said...

Aeroplanes are really beautiful works of art/technology!

Rob said...

Fun photo collage. Looks like a beautiful day for the airshow. I'm anxious for warmer weather for the airshow to venture northward.