Saturday, March 6, 2010

Still Life

Got Wine?
In an attempt to inspire myself in the depths of winter, I had a little practice with still life photography. I grabbed a few things I had around the house that were related and got busy. I don't have a studio space so I set up shop in the kitchen. Now my kitchen is painted yellow and I have flouescent lighting so everything ended up with a yellow cast which I cleaned up in post processing. I would have liked to have some red grapes, but you have to work with what you have at the time. Shortly after I took this photo, Paula from Pensacola Daily Photo, posted a link for an easy light box. I plan to make one in the near future.


Rob said...

This turned out great! don't mind if I join you for a glass of wine.

Winter is the time for indoor shots, I feel your pain. I'd like to make this lightbox, but for now, I'm using my camera flash mounted on a stand with a shoot through umbrella.

Jacob said...

Very well done, Barb. Amazing, actually. Makes me hungry for grapes and thirsty for wine!

Sometimes you can deal with fluorescent light by changing your white balance in the camera...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Oh - re your comment on Ocala DP - No, it wasn't a birthday portrait, just one I happened to snap one day ... Haley was 11 on Jan. 19.

Bill said...

Great still life shot. Would you mind sending me the link of this light box, please. Thanks,

uncertainhorizon said...

Love the composition.... very nice.