Blue Sky, Cool Water

What Would You Do?
You're driving down the road and you see a sign that says "Right lane closed 1/2 mile. Merge left." Courteous drivers merge to the left lane. The not so courteous drivers continue on in the right lane
until the last minute and then merge left causing additional congestion at the point of intersection.
Does it really make that much of a difference in how quickly you reach your destination? 

Drivers that do this are on my Top Ten Pet Peeve list along with drivers who do not use their blinkers or talk on their cell phones. Today, on a very busy stretch of Hwy 80, I came upon a sign such as the one mentioned above. I merged to the left lane along with about 98% of the other drivers on the road. Out of the blue came two vehicles cruising along in the right lane. After they passed me, I decided to straddle the line between the two lanes to restrict other drivers from doing the same thing. 
Did I do the right thing? 
Do other drivers on the road now think I am the rude one?
Or were they cheering me on from the privacy of their vehicles? 


Rambling Round said…
The fountain looks wonderful! Is it in Phenix City?
Wow - we have a fountain almost exactly like that one! All the kids jump in in the summer time.

Thanks for all your kind comments. They make blogging fun.
Jacob said…
I've done that, too! Ticks me off, big time!

Beautiful fountain and sky, though...maybe that helped take the edge off...
I never understand drivers that do stupid things such as that... really annoys me to high heavens.

I love your photo, makes me wanna run out into the centre.
Hilda said…
Sigh. Sounds like our drivers, but the percentage would be more like 50-50. :(

You really need this fountain to cool off.
Saretta said…
I would do the same as you in the States. I recommend you never drive in Italy! :-)
bfarr said…
RR, the fountain is in Columbus at my company campus.

Joan, they don't let play in it

Saretta, I have driven in Costa Rica and imagine that it is similar to Italy. Crazy. Fortunately, my husband does the 'foreign' driving.
cieldequimper said…
Oh don't come to this country. It's a national sport and it drives me craaaaazy.

Love the blue hue on the photo, that fountain must be nice and refreshing in the summer!

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