Can You Tell Me Where the Food Court Is?

One final look at the Renaissance Festival before I move on to other things.
Photos are placed relative to their actual location at the festival grounds.
1. King Henry and Anne Bolyen and their royal court welcoming the commoners
2. The Tortuga Twins (there are actually three brothers, but 'triplets' doesn't have the same ring to it)
3. The Joust, Lancelot won the first round.
4. Parrots of the Carribean (location of the birds of prey)
5. Musicians at the Kings Hall Stage (recoronation of Henry the 8th)
6. Flying Debris Juggling Show (have you ever wanted to lasso a kid?)
7. Really, it's all about the hat. Ice cream at the food court.
8. Acrobatics and juggling.


Jacob said…
What great fun! Found the food court and the tavern. That's two of my favorite places!

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