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Murder at 1:38 AM
I was sleeping soundly until a loud thump startled me awake. I sit up, looking for something I cannot see.
I lay back and close my eyes as a wet, sloppy sound comes to my ears. I wonder if my son, who works at a restaurant, has given my dog a bone. I sit up and search for the dog through the filtered light. The dog is awake, but eating nothing. I close my eyes and lay back on my pillow.

As I start to relax, the sound, louder than the first time, comes to my ears. I sit up and throw my legs over the side of the bed. I stand and walk slowly toward the door; carefully feeling my way through the dark. A feline shadow leaps across my path and darts from the room. I now know what to expect when I turn on the light; the dead or dying feline midnight snack.

I see the shadow of a bunny near the bed; glad that I didn't step on it when I got up. I check to make sure it's not moving before I head to the garage for a dust pan. I shut the door behind me so the criminal cannot to return to the scene of the crime. I remove the carcass and ban the animals from the room for the night.


Cats are wonderful pets but they love nothing more than bring their prey back to their master!

The black and white photo is stunning. And that wisteria is beautiful and defined the south in the pre-kudzu era!

Jacob said…
Cool photo! Scary story!
Saretta said…
Your cat ate a bunny in your bedroom? That's wild! Love the b&w, btw!
Fantastic,beautiful and lovely shot !! I Enjoyed this shot !!
cieldequimper said…
Excellent photo, looks like something out of a thirties movie.

You have scary nights!

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