The Guitar Man

One of the musicians at the festival. 
Once upon a a time I was a musician. I played flute in band: concert and marching. I taught myself how to play the guitar (a little) while I was in high school as well. Then life seemed to get in the way, you know marriage, kids. When I finally made it to college, I took piano lessons. I like music and appreciate many different styles. On a side note, I always had trouble in math, but when I started playing my flute and learning how to read music, my math scores improved too.  

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Berthold Auerbach


Steffe said…
Interesting that your math skills improved with the help of music.
Jacob said…
Beautiful portrait, and I love that guitar. I have played guitar and keyboards, but it's been awhile... math skills did not improve, however... :-)
cieldequimper said…
Very nice portrait. My maths never got better.

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