The Black Knight

Last weekend we went to the Renaissance Festival in Fairburn, GA. This was their 25th year.
We usually try to go opening weekend because:
Two for one admission
The weather is cooler
The performers are fresh and enthusiatic
This day was no exception. We attended the first round of the joust, the Birds of Prey show, the Tortuga Twins (the PG rated show. Still quite racy, but hilarious); the re-coronation of Henry the 8th; the Barely Balanced Acrobats (who I believe are the children of other performers, the Zuchini Brothers, who were no-shows this year. The kids look just like them, but not as funny); Aerial Acrobatics (with a cute little gymnast from Florida, Jayna Lee); and the Flying Debris Juggling Show (which is really geared toward children, but still entertaining). Of course TOM ate the requisite turkey drum stick. I had a hamburger. Some habits are hard to break. And we shared our lunch table with a lovely young couple (in costume) from Albany, GA.


Jacob said…
I've enjoyed a couple of these festivals. This photo is super, Barb! You've caught the action and the excitement perfectly!
Rob said…
What a great idea using the Renaissance Fair as a photo shoot. Must be ht inside that armor.
Hilda said…
Ohhh, I'm so envious! I would love to go to be able to go to a Renaissance Fair in my lifetime. Your photo is fantastic and everything you listed sounds awesome!
cieldequimper said…
Yesterday's portrait is striking.

A hamburger, eh? No wild boar at hand?

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