Old Russell County Courthouse

In 1866, during the Federal occupation of the former Confederate States of America, the Alabama legislature created Lee County from a large chunk of Russell County and mandated the county seat 'be more centrally located'. The small town of Seale, AL won the vote. Funding for the courthouse was provided in 1871 at a total cost of $9,600. In 1935, Phenix City was selected as the new county seat and the 'branch' office in Seale was closed in 1943.


it is amazing how much changed in our states during the federal occupation.
Jacob said…
I think "majestic" would be a fitting term for this building! Beautiful photo!
Hilda said…
Simple but grand. I like it. I sure hope the building is still being used!
cieldequimper said…
Just beautiful, southern beautiful!
Steffe said…
Reminds me a bit of the clock tower in Back To The Future, but that building has probably been used in a few hundred movies by now.

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