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April 16, 1865
The Battle of Girard (Phenix City)
One of the last major battles of the Civil War was fought in Phenix City/Columbus. When I was searching for information, I was surprised that this battle was not on any of the Civil War timelines.
At least not the ones I looked at.
Unfortunately, I don't know enough of the story to recount it for you, but I finally found a site with some information. If you are interested in reading more about this battle, click here.
The memorial in my photo faces 14th Street, land where the battle was fought.


Jacob said…
The photo is very well done and I did not know that history, either (and I taught American history!)...

Thanks for your nice comment on Ocala DP and I hope your weekend is filled with wonderful things!
CAM said…
For more information about the Battle for Columbus, see: Columbus, Georgia 1865: The Last True Battle of the Civil War by Charles A. Misulia (Univ of Alabama Press: Tuscaloosa, 2010).

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