The River Runs Through It

The Chattahoochee River is down to its normal levels. Fisherman are heading to the rocks to catch the big one. The water is running clear again. In this photo, you can see the silt in the water.


Jacob said…
What I like most about this is how you've captured the power of that water! Amazing!

Re your comment on Florida Fotos...I used a Photoshop Action that simulates a kind of colored drawing.
Virginia said…
Lovely shot of the river. Glad it's clear again!!!
Hilda said…
This is an awesome shot! Like Jacob, I love how you caught the power of the water. Love its width too and the rocks.
cieldequimper said…
Great shots of the birds of prey, I would love to try falconry.
As for the river, I just think that's a lovely, lively shot!

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