That's One Red Neck

I caught these guys trying to drown some worms on the Chattahoochee a few days ago.
I have mentioned before on this blog that I would not eat any fish that comes from this river.
According to TOM it's the act of fishing that's important, not the number of fish you catch.
It looks like 'shirtless and hatless' only caught a sunburn (red neck, get it). 
In reality, the sunburn was much redder than in this photo. 


Jacob said…
Hmmm...look like a couple of good ol' boys I used to know - Bubba and the Pirate!

Great shot!
Barbara: I just can't stop chuckling about that word scraped in pollen yesterday! Did you get your point across or WHAT!!! How fun! I like Jacob's comment about today.

Hilda said…
Your title got me laughing out loud! Suddenly, I'm extremely thankful that I usually don't burn. There is a definite advantage to having more melanin in your skin. ;)

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