Theme Day - Red

Byodo-In Temple, Island of Oahu
Valley of the Temples
For today's theme day, I pulled one from the archives.


Steffe said…
What a fantastic setting.
Jacob said…
A gorgeous photo, Barb! And it certainly speaks "red." When I first saw it I wondered how it happened to be built in Phenix City!
Virginia said…
HA!!! I looked and thought to myself, " Phenix City has changed since I was there last!" :)

When you find out where that shop is on your banner, let me know!
Wonderful photo, very eye-catching. Reminds me of some of the temples I've been to. Beautiful lines on the roof.
Melbourne Daily Photo
Hilda said…
Magnificent! Both the temple and the scenery!
Red is my favourite colour... I love this shot!
cieldequimper said…
Lol, an invasion has begun!Beautiful photo!

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