Morning Fountain

I took this yesterday morning on my way into work. This is a nice area to come out and eat lunch or just take a break from your work day. The sound of the fountain (when it is operational) is very soothing. Soon flowers will be blooming. I did a boot camp session earlier this year and we had to run around this fountain in the dark. That is not such a fond memory. I think the drill seargeants (I mean trainers) from the Y got the idea from the school across the street. The kids come over often and run the sidewalks for physical education.


Jacob said…
You have certainly captured the flavor of the early morning in this photo! It's beautiful. And so is the place. Can't imagine ruining it with "boot camp" activities, though! I had enough of that stuff years ago in the Navy! ;-)
cieldequimper said…
How lovely to relax!
Yesterday's post was very interesting, thank you!

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