Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Trash Compactor

In my little corner of Alabama, we have to take our trash to the local compactor. It would be nice to have it picked up at the house, but it is not really that much of an inconvenience as we live pretty close. (TOM takes it on his way to work.) We can also bring our paper products for recycling, yard waste, and downed trees and just about anything oversized for disposal in the other dumpsters.

Employees are at this site 7 days a week. The main reason being, if no one is there to keep the people honest, they will throw their large items like mattresses and furniture in the compactor. The gentleman in the shot below came out to make sure a young man (out of the frame) did not throw his old above ground swimming pool in the compactor. Employees are also there to make sure that you have Lee County tags on your vehicle. This is for Lee County residents only! We are about a mile from Russel County and let me tell you, they try to dump their trash in our compactor and they have city pick up service.

Being an employee at the compactor can be a good way to earn a little extra income. You would be surprised at the stuff people throw away. They often leave 'good junk' outside for the picking because dumpster diving is against the law. More often than not, the employees get the good stuff because they are there when it comes off the truck. One Saturday, we were dumping a load of construction garbage and I saw a nice old rocker come off the back of a truck. TOM took off to get it, but he was too late. The Lee County Compactor Employee offered to sell it to him for $50.
Peace, out.  


Jacob said...

Verrrrry interesting! At least you are provided with some good services here. I wondered about toxic waste - i.e. paint, oil, computers, etc?

We are fortunate to have regular trash picked up in front twice and week and our recycling once a week. Works out well. Heavy stuff, though, we must drive to a landfill!

Rambling Round said...

We used to haul ours to a landfill a fairly long way. Now we decided it's less expensive to have it picked up once a week.