The Blue Fairy

Dressed like her tattoo, only missing her wings. Nice costume for a hot day.


Steffe said…
Nicely spotted. What was the occasion?
Jacob said…
Oh dear! Was she at the beach? How many of these folks are going to grow old and rue the day they got their tattoos, no matter how cute they thought they were?

Re your comment on Ocala DP - I have no idea who the artist was...I shall ask the next time we stop there to eat!

Have a great weekend!
Jacob said…
Hi'll be many miles from Stumpknockers! Many miles. But, I think you'll have a great time - that's a beautiful area!
Hilda said…
Oh wow, that's a beautiful tattoo! Must look wonderful when she's dancing.
I wonder if she is planning on putting one on the other side for symmetry.

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