Dillingham Street Bridge

There are seven bridges that cross the Chattahoochee River
from Phenix City to Columbus within a couple of miles of each other.
Hwy 280/431 S. aka Victory Drive (hiding just in the background)
The Dillingham Street and 14th Street bridges have been in place in one
form or another since before the civil war.  


Jacob said…
This is a wonderful shot, Barb! What a great old bridge! Looks like something you might see in Paris...

And the boat makes the scene perfect!
cieldequimper said…
It's huge! If you hadn't included the small boat, I probably wouldn't have realised exactly how big it is!
Anonymous said…
This looks to be a very large, and high up, bridge. With some history in it no doubt.
Rob said…
Fantastic image, what a grand bridge!c

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