Kayak Store and Office

I just can't help myself. Every couple of days  I have to post something from our run to the Gulf. Journeys on St. George Island just about has it all. You can buy fishing equipment, t-shirts, flip-flops, and of course kayaks. You can sign up for deep-sea fishing charters and kayaking trips. You can stay close to St. George or take a day trip to the Wakulla River. Maybe you will get to see the Manatees. Are you hooked yet?
For more information about Journeys of St. George, click here.


Jacob said…
Yes, I'm hooked...we'll have to trip up thataway!

And yes, you should write about your life with ferrets! I'll buy your book!
Jacob said…
Re your comment on Cedar Key: I think for you they would stay up at least two minutes...but it would cost you $20 and a ferret! ;-)
Virginia said…
WEll the kayak store is great but I"m swooning over your header!!! Just great.

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