Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lakebottom Park

Our department had our annual spring offsite activity at Lakebottom Park. Back in the day (1888 to 1925) the moneyed families in Columbus had country homes here. The lake had islands and bridges connecting them. Boating was a popular pasttime. The lake was drained in 1925. The park still wants to be a lake, whenenver we have heavy rains, the park and local roads flood. After eating lunch and participating in our field day activities, I grabbed my camera and headed toward the abundant wildflowers near the creek.  


Jacob said...

What a lovely place and lovely photographs. Perhaps Mother Nature is mad because her lake was drained?

Is this spring offsite activity what we used to call a company "picnic"?

Heh, heh. Those were always fun. More or less. Just don't put a stink bomb in the boss' car! Yes, I did that once many, many years ago. And no, he didn't kill me. Wanted to, though. But I could run faster.

cieldequimper said...

Hmmmm, here's me wanting to take a walk!