Pelican Brief

Scenes like this are one of the main reasons why we have to make companies like BP PLC pay for their mistakes. I know they did not intentionally spill thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico (or maybe they did). What could be better for the oil companies than unhindered access to the reserves of oil because all the marine life has perished. The fact remains, they made a mess and they need to clean it up.

Quit blaming the other guy. Quit whining. Quit lying. Grow up.

Pay restitution to the local fisherman and the multitude of hotels, restaurants, and Gulf shore vacation destinations losing their incomes because of this mess. Not because you have to, but because it's the right thing to do. I think you can afford it out of your 2010 first quarter earnings of $6.08 BILLION. Any fines you pay should be HUGE. Maybe you'll take better care of OUR natural resources when your mistakes start affecting YOUR bottom line. Having said that, money cannot repair the damage to the fragile eco-system of the Louisiana coast and the Mississippi River Delta.

OK, I'm finished. That was exhausting.    


Jacob said…
I agree with everything you said, although I would insist that every executive of every company involved in this totally unnecessary mess (they were drilling much deeper than they had permission to drill) and every politician involved in the decision to allow BP to proceed without the necessary regulatory devices, be made not only to pay enormous fines and restitution, but also to engage in the work of cleaning up the mess (including cleaning of wildlife) to the exclusion of anything else until the job is done.

The problem is that I'm not at all sure we'll ever recover from this...

Pelicans - I love 'em. Just don't get too close if you have a fish in hand!
Chuck Pefley said…
That is so cool! Of course, the reference to the book helps, but the jury adjudicating the boat captain is priceless!

Thanks for your visit and comment today -:)

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