St. James AME Church

Organized in 1863 in Columbus, GA.
The present church was built on land granted by an act of the Georgia Legislature in 1873. It was erected in 1876 at a cost of $20,000. The central tower and flanking turrets were added in 1886.
This is the second oldest AME church in Georgia.


Jacob said…
It is a beautiful structure. Especially for being so old. We have an "historic" AME church in downtown Ocala...a white wooden edifice which still looks pretty good, too.
San said…
I came over from Randy's Santa Fe Daily Photo, intrigued by your profile pic.

Lovely photograph.
J Bar said…
Beautiful architecture used for this church.
Sydney - City and Suburbs
Hilda said…
I don't know what AME stands for, but it's a handsome church!

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