A Texas-Sized Peanut in Alabama

Located at the first rest stop as you come into Alabama on Hwy 431. The plaque reads:
This symbol is to let you know you are in the Wiregrass area of Alabama, claiming
"Peanut Capital of the World".
The Wiregrass area encompasses Southern Georgia and Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle.
The area is named for the native Wiregrass (Aristida stricta). 


Jacob said…
I knew that area was peanut country...having driven up that way a couple of years ago. Didn't see this particular peanut, though.

Re your comment on Ocala: Bob Evans was an Ohio farmer that started the chain bearing his name...I'm surprised you don't have one there...we have three in Ocala...they pride themselves on home-cooking, and do a pretty good job. We like to eat breakfast there on occasion.
Abraham Lincoln said…
Wiregrass sounds a lot like the orchard grass up here. It covers almost everything with rhizones on top of the ground. I wondered where it came from.
Perfect Tourist Trap! I wanna visit! is there a gift shop?
Rambling Round said…
Love those peanuts!
Hilda said…
That is a huge peanut! Yum! ;)

We're in Toronto! I'm waiting for my husband to get dressed so we can go out and commandeered his laptop. We're actually in one of the suburbs, and it is sooo different from Manila. It's the little things that get me: fir trees, maples, dandelion, geese! Then there's the wide open spaces — wow.
cieldequimper said…
Now I want some peanut butter.
Randy said…
Wow if that were real it would be a squirrels dream. I love it!

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