Rainbows of Death

BP Slick Covers Dolphins and Whales

Came across this video on youtube today and thought I would share it.


Jacob said…
I can't stand it. 72 days and no end in sight. Brevard County on Florida's EAST COAST is preparing to fight the oil spill!

Those who perpetrated this mess ought to go to prison for the rest of their natural lives. This was no accident, but the result of greed, and a lack of conscience which led to buying enough votes to keep them from being regulated and forced to have a plan in place for just such an event.

It's raining oil in Louisiana!

And all those who hate guv'mint are crying for the guv'mint to do something. Well, the guv'mint's been involved since day one and every resource around the globe has been put into action and guess what, no one really knows how to stop this, the worst environmental disaster ever and it ain't going to go away and it may be centuries before the Gulf of Mexico is back to normal, if ever.

I'm sick at heart!

I guess we could do what Jindal wants - pray. He even issued a proclamation to that effect. Of course, he also is an exorcist so...

But people have been praying and that hasn't worked, either.

As you might guess, I'm a bit angry. The plutocrats and the corporatists in banking put us (and the world) over the financial brink to satisfy their lust for the almighty dollar (or euro) and now the captains of the oil industry have done the same thing.

"We the people" has become "We the corporations."
Jacob said…
Thanks, Barb! Yes, I taught American history and we did have a good time!
Virginia said…
It's a worldwide disaster and the scary thing is that it's not getting better. I'm with Jacob. The very people that bitch about the govt. having their finger in their business now want the govt. to fix the oil company's problems. For the love!

Thanks for the video.
Jacob said…
Hi Barb!

You are right! The first shot was taken in front of a supermarket...the EMTs had stopped to pick up some goodies, but they got a call while in the store, had to drop everything and take off!

The second was taken while the Ocala EMTs were having "breakfast" at Bagelicious, which is where they usually hang out every morning!
cieldequimper said…
How about we stop using petrol at last?
Anonymous said…
Just makes me want to vomit.

I hope they BP owners and shareholders roast in hell.

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