Sunday, June 6, 2010

Building 2

Better known as the Rialto Theater. The structure has some interesting architecural details that are made more obvious by the interesting color pallette. The Rialto is two doors down from the Bradley theater. The Rialto is being repurposed by the new owner and John Gilbert who was instrumental in saving the Bradley Theater pictured here. If you are interested in reading more about their restoration efforts and personal stories, click here. Interested in renting the Rialto for an event, click here.


T. Becque said...

We have a Rialto Theater here too! Nice colors on this building.

Saretta said...

This looks like a painting! Did you do something fancy with Photoshop?

Jacob said...

Glad to see it's being restored. Our old Marion theater is being redone for the second time and is planning to show first-run movies again! Yeah!