Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It Was a Hot Day in Alabama

I walked into the fountain just enough, but not enough to get wet. I was still working and that would not do if I have to go home to change my clothes. As it was, I was lucky security didn't come out. They don't like it when people play in the fountain. Liability issues I suppose. And fountains have been found to be contaminated with some unpleasant things that can make you really sick.


Jacob said...

BP's probably been putting some crap in it to keep it "clean."

Lovely to look at, though!

Hot here, too.

Jacob said...

There's an antique shop in Micanopy, Florida that has a lot of old bottles for sale. Some are quite beautiful. Not too expensive, either.

Rambling Round said...

Sure looks refreshing though! I could use a fountain shower today. It is hot!