Revolutionary War Infantryman Memorial

Memorial to the Revolutionary War Infantryman at the Fort Benning National Infantry Museum.
With the parade field and a little construction prep in the background.
This parade field is where all the new soldieres come to graduate, in fact all graduations take place here.


Wow! Postcard perfect.

As for the Fire Ant season photo-- what a hoot!!!

cieldequimper said…
Very nice memorial but hey, wow, your garden! What I wouldn't give to sit (in the shade) with a cold drink! ;-)
Jacob said…
A beautiful and impressive field. The graduation ceremonies must be something to behold.

Hope you're doing OK. Do you think you'll get another ferret?
Hilda said…
A very modern memorial for an old-time soldier but the greens are gorgeous! I've never seen any kind of military graduation — it must be quite awesome.

I'm so sorry to hear that little Woodstock is gone. It is never easy to lose a pet, especially if they're considered family. A big hug of sympathy for you, Barb.

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