Tri-City Pet Cemetery

This inspiration for this collage came from Ramblin Round at Selma Ala. Daily Photo who posted a nice shot of a pet cemetery in her neck of the woods. That reminded me that we also have a pet cemetery.
We have a few interesting memorials as well as a nice little bench where you can sit and remember the 'good ole days'. My wish for you today is to experience the unconditional love of a pet.


Rambling Round said…
Aw, this is so neat! Glad to be of inspiration!
Jacob said…
I think pet cemeteries are a good idea for some pet owners. We have only one in our area that I know of - up near Gainesville...but it is terribly rundown - just a mess; which is sad.

This one looks to be well-cared for.
I found one pet cemetery that was so sweet, right on the water. I wanted to ask if I could be buried there.

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