Sunday, June 20, 2010


 My little buddy is on my mind today.
He is not feeling well and the animal emergency center does not treat ferrets.
Say a little prayer for him.  


Rambling Round said...

Hope he soons feels better! Wonder why they don't treat ferrets?

Hilda said...

RIP??? Oh I hope I'm reading this wrong!

Little Woodstock has my prayers. And you have my hugs.

Rambling Round said...

So sorry!

kim said...

I am so sorry Barb! What a cute little guy, I know you will greatly miss his strong,gentle and curious nature.

Jacob said...

He is so cute! Does RIP mean that he died? I sure hope not. Perhaps there's a vet in town that will treat ferrets.

Jacob said...

Dear Barb,

You must be heartbroken! And nothing I can say will help that. But I know you have lots of good memories and will cherish them forever.

We'll be thinking of you!