Yes, I say a little prayer as I wait for my power bill each month. Usage appears to be down or consistent with the bills from a year ago, but the 'amount due' column keeps getting larger. And, I wonder why this sign says Georgia Power and not Alabama Power. They are both part of the Southern Company and the plant is in Alabama, soooo . . . to much for a Monday, er Tuesday.


Jacob said…
I tried paying about a power bill once. We lost all power for a week! ;-)

Funny about Georgia vs. Alabama. You'd think with that much power they'd be able to get that straightened out.

And you and your tooting car alarm! Sheesh. You must be a lot younger than I am. I couldn't hear the toot! :-)
You raise some great points. I don't know if you do meme's but this sign would be perfect for Ruby Tuesday!*

Birdman said…
Really, we have so little POWER, against them.
I say a prayer that it will be a cool summer going forward. OH and that we do not have a hurricane to stirl the oilspill.

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