Autumn Meadow - Cheryl Mann Hardin Murals (1)

When I selected Hurtsboro, I googled the small Alabama town to see what I might find of interest there. A portrait artist, Cheryl Mann Hardin, calls Hurtsboro home. Interestingly, she has painted several murals in town, most on the facade of the building in which her studio is located.
The first series, named Autumn Meadow, are painted on the front facade of the building.
The building itself has an interesting history. Built around 1890, the building was used as a mill, a cotton
gin, a car dealership, and finally an auto parts store and garage (owned by her husband).
I think there were a few other businesses as well : ) Old age can't remember anything.
As we were walking around the building and checking out the murals, we were approached by the
artist herself. We talked about how I had read about her murals online and that we decided to come and take a look at them. She invited us up to her studio and gave us a brief  history of the building.
She decided to paint the murals after a tornado in the early '90's broke all the windows in the building.
A decision was made to board up them up instead of replacing them, possibly be broken again in the future. She found the 'wooden' windows less than appealing and her murals are the result.
The Wild Life Series - Autumn Meadow, consists of three panels: 8.5' x 8.5' (deer),
10' x 5' (metal door), and 8.5' x 15' (fox). The panels were painted for the
Hurtsboro Wildlife Festival and were completed in 1993.
I actually posted a shot of one of her murals painted at Country's on Broad in 1999.
You can see a portion of that mural, Bus Station Memories here. I need to go back for the rest of it.


Rob said…
Fun to meet other artists, real nice work.
Anonymous said…
These are a lot nicer than many I have seen.

I am surprised they stopped parking out front at the Biltmore House. It is probably way too far for an invalid like me to walk now. Anyway, I saw it several times when I could get around without oxygen so no need to mess up good memories by going back with them.
Jacob said…
How very interesting. And I really like her work! It's light and airy and makes one feel good. I would guess those murals dress up the building considerably and overall make the town a nicer place to live.

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