Goat Rock Dam and Power House

Goat Rock Dam and Power House
Taken: 7/3/2010
The dam was built in 1910-1911 and apparently got its name when construction
workers claimed to see goats jumping onto the rocks in the river. I found the following
vintage postcard of the dam taken from the Georgia side of the river. 
To view more vintage postcards of Columbus, GA, click here.
Postcard from the collection of Pat Sabin.


Hilda said…
Doesn't look like it has changed much. I like the looks of the power house, though I'm not sure why. Thanks for answering my question before I asked. I was wondering about the name. :)
cieldequimper said…
I like the old industrial architecture and your HDR just enhances this 'I like' feeling!
Jacob said…
Love that name, Goat Rock Dam. I can just see goats jumping about on the rocks. Cool photo!

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