Hurtsboro United Methodist Church

Originally built in 1865, the First Methodist Church in Hurtsboro, then called Hurtsville was located in Olivet, about 4 miles south. The building burned and a wooden church was built on this site in 1876. It was replaced in 1906 by the present brick building during the pastorate of Reverend W.S. Street. In 1947 a Sunday School Annex was added. The church is a significant landmark, as its beauty and stained glass windows are well known throughout the Alabama-West Florida Conference.
Unfortunately, I was not able to gain access to take some photos of the windows.


I take so many pictures of churches. They are some of our most beautiful buildings and this is a good one.

Thanks for all your kind comments!
Jacob said…
I think many denominations back in the early 20th century must have used the same architect or used the same plans, 'cause so many of them look just like this. It's a beautiful building, whatever.

And I like your processing...a little HDR?

Re your question on The Villages...I used a Photoshop action which sets up the blur from which you can select the section you want to be clear. I like it a lot, but like all those things, try to use it sparingly.
Hilda said…
Magnificent-looking church! Too bad you weren't able to go inside for the stained glass windows. Some other day! :)
Rambling Round said…
Looks just like the Methodist Church that I attended as a child. Nice photo.

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