Idle Hour Park

 I am dealing with poison ivy, oak, sumac...take your pick and it is a bit uncomfortable.
I had this shot hanging around in the 'blog' folder for a while so I figured I might as well use it today.


Hilda said…
Eek. I sure hope all of that isn't on you! Good luck dealing with them. That does not sound comfortable, to say the least.

Lovely park, but if that's where you got the poison ivy and others, then I'll just view it from afar, thank you very much.
Jacob said…
This is an excellent photo...full of interest, the colors are great, and it's tack-sharp.

What a wonderful place that would be to live! And I like the hills!

Lois' hairdresser got into some poison oak recently, also. I've read that if you're allergic you can pick it up from the air. Sounds kinda far-fetched to me.

Hope you're feeling better now.

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